The Right Business Litigation Lawyer in Orange County for Breach of Contract

The Right Business Litigation Lawyer in Orange County for Breach of Contract


The right business litigation lawyer in Orange County can help with any breach of contract or fiduciary duty case. A business works hard to perform their services, make their goods, and do right by their customers. To have that stolen by others should not be tolerated. Unfortunately, it can be hard to make those responsible suffer the appropriate consequences for their actions. These laws are notoriously difficult to parse, which means that it requires very good attorneys to make a case come together.

Furthermore, companies who routinely breach contracts often can afford their own high powered attorneys. To make them pay, the injured party needs their own great attorneys to match.

When a Contract Has Been Breached, Contact a Business Litigation Attorney in Orange County

Breaching a contract is a serious matter. It should be treated as such. Defendants may come up with all different kinds of excuses, but when an injured party has suffered economic or financial damage, it’s time to get attorneys involved. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when believing a contract has been breached. Four separate elements must exist to prevail on “breach of contract.” First, there must be a binding, enforceable contract. The contract can be oral or written, unless required by law to be in writing.  Second, the plaintiff must show the contract was breached, there was a failure to perform certain terms or conditions.

The Right Business Litigation Lawyer in Orange CountyAt the same time, the plaintiff must show full performance of terms on its part, or excuse for nonperformance. In simpler language, this means the plaintiff alleges he performed the obligations, and if he didn’t, then explain why not. Third, the plaintiff alleges material breach by defendant. Lastly, breach of contract requires listing the resulting damages to the plaintiff.

The right kind of business litigation lawyer in Orange County should have a track record of handling cases like this. Better still, they should have proven themselves in getting justice for their plaintiffs over many cases and years.

Someone Breach Their Fiduciary Duty? Get an Attorney

Every day, businesses put their trust in others. “Fiduciary Duty” means that a client puts a special confidence, reliance and trust in another to act in their best interest. A simple analogy: a trust’s beneficiaries have to trust that a trustee is acting in their best interests. When this fiduciary duty has been breached, sometimes the only course of action is to get a business litigation lawyer in Orange County.

Krongold Law has handled many complex fiduciary duty breach cases, and the firm can put that invaluable experience to work for any business. Instead of getting angry, contact the law firm to see if there’s a viable case to be brought against whoever violated their fiduciary duty. It’s possible to set things right when you have a great business litigation attorney in Orange County.

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