For Orange County-based businesses, having available a business litigation attorney in Orange County can help any business be legally protected from fraud and deceit. These particular offenses can be difficult to prove, which is why it’s so important to have attorneys who really know what they’re doing. Many unscrupulous businesses that commit fraud, deceit and […]Continue reading

For OC business people in the digital age, an intellectual property lawyer in Orange County is more important than ever. Everywhere one looks, it seems like someone has stolen someone else’s idea and made a lot of money off of it. Most people are surprised by how many different things “intellectual property” covers. Everything from […]Continue reading

Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court, No. S222732 (4/30/18) The Supreme Court resolved a hotly-litigated issue that broadly impacts California residents, an issue left unresolved in Ayala v. Antelope Valley Newspapers, Inc. (2014) 59 Cal.4th 522: the standard for classifying workers as employees or independent contractors for purposes of California wage orders, which impose […]Continue reading