Hire a Business Litigation Attorney in Orange County to Combat Fraud

Hire a Business Litigation Attorney in Orange County to Combat Fraud


For Orange County-based businesses, having available a business litigation attorney in Orange County can help any business be legally protected from fraud and deceit. These particular offenses can be difficult to prove, which is why it’s so important to have attorneys who really know what they’re doing. Many unscrupulous businesses that commit fraud, deceit and defamation can afford to hire high-priced attorneys. Those that would bring suit against them need to have great attorneys on their side too. These are a few ways that a business litigation lawyer in Orange County can assist a business.

Fraud and Deceit

When someone breaches a contract, the injured party can recover the “benefit of the bargain,” that is, what was expected when the agreement was made or at least reasonably foreseeable at the time.  Other types of damages, such as emotional distress or lost profits, called “consequential damages” that are beyond the expectation of the parties are not recoverable. This limitation on damages serves to encourage contractual relations and commercial activity by enabling parties to estimate in advance the financial risks of their enterprise.

However, in some cases, the breaching party also lied or misrepresented something important. This conduct can give rise to a tort claim for fraud or deceit. Deceit may be negative as well as affirmative; it may consist in failing to say something when that party had a duty to disclose. When fraud or deceit occurs, the injured party, the plaintiff, can recover all damages reasonably caused by the harmful conduct. The Krongold Law Firm has experienced litigation attorneys dealing with fraud and deceit in the context of business disputes.   

a Business Litigation Attorney in Orange CountyDefamation

In the modern digital age, reputation is as  important as ever. Entire businesses are run solely on reputation, making it a critical resource that needs protection. Regrettably, there are dishonest people who would slander a company’s (or person’s) reputation online. Through slanderous comments, they would lie simply to bring them down, destroying their reputation and worse. When that occurs, a good business litigation attorney in Orange County becomes necessary.

The intentional publication of a false statement of fact is not something that any person or business should have to bear. Obviously, the best first thing to do is to demand a retraction, then send a cease and desist letter. An attorney can take the next step. Important to keep in mind: “defamation” includes “trade libel” as well. Trade libel is an intentional statement that smears the quality of services or products of a business and that results in monetary loss or damage.

A Business Litigation Attorney in Orange County Who Fights for Their Clients

Krongold Law has been helping their clients to catch fraudsters and defamers for many years. With a proven track record of success, they can help a business to get what’s theirs from those who deceive or slander them. As soon as a business owner believes they’ve been defrauded, deceived or inflicted with libel, they should reach out to a business litigation attorney in Orange County who will have their back. If that’s your case, call (949) 651-1900.


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