Here are some of the litigation questions we often hear.
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I want to incorporate. Do you handle the paperwork?

No, I do not handle corporate or transactional work. I specialize in representing clients who are involved in business disputes.

Do you handle cases on contingency?

No, I do not take cases on contingency, i.e., percentage of award. I work on an hourly basis.

What is your hourly rate, and do you require a retainer?

Yes, I do require a retainer that is deposited in my trust account. The amount of the retainer and the hourly rate is subject to negotiation with the client and depends on many factors, such as the amount of work expected, complexity of case, amount at stake, and financial condition of client. My rates are significantly lower than other attorneys in the area with same level of education and experience.

If I get served with a summons and complaint, what should I do?

Service of the summons means there is a formal, legal action against you or your company. You need to contact an attorney immediately to review the complaint, set up a phone conference or face-to-face meeting with you to discuss the facts, and establish a good legal strategy to defend the case and possibly file a counter-suit.


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