Business Litigation Attorneys Love Orange County

Business Litigation Attorneys Love Orange County


As business litigation attorneys in Orange County, Krongold Law takes prides in being involved with the greater Orange County community. To the lawyers at Krongold, there’s more to being a law firm than simply practicing the law. It’s about being a part of the community, meeting the people, and putting down lasting roots. That’s what made it so rewarding for Krongold Law to meet Jessica Welch, the Senior Director of Operations at the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce.

Business Litigation Attorneys in Orange County: Focused on Business

It makes a lot of sense for business litigation attorneys in Orange County to meet with and know the chamber of commerce. They deal with the disputes that can come up between business owners, their partners, vendors and the like. By that same token, a chamber of commerce promotes business in the area. They do their best to ensure that the business environment is as conducive as possible to making sure that businesses can start in the area, grow large, and succeed well into the future.

Business Attorney in Irvine to Help Business

Business Litigation Attorneys

When most people hear the phrase “business litigation attorneys in Orange County,” they don’t exactly know what “business litigation” means. Simply put, that’s just the term for the many different disputes that can occur inside a business or among their owners. Basically, any business disagreement you can think of would be included under “business litigation.” Fraud, deceit in the operation, sale or purchase of the business, violation or breach of employment, privacy rights or non-compete agreements – those are just of the many facets of business litigation.

Attorneys for Your Business to Succeed

At the end of the day, that’s what business litigation lawyers are there to do: help businesses to do their best in Orange County. For example, Krongold Law handles plenty of defamation cases. These can arise out of business disputes quite often. One party publishes disparaging comments another’s integrity, honesty or more that’s provably false. They only made those comments to cause special damage to the plaintiff or injure them. Krongold Law has helped many Orange County businesses to maintain their reputations for a long period of time.

Breach of Contract Attorneys, Too

Krongold Law have always been there for businesses when someone has unfairly breached their contracts. It stands to reason that the Chamber of Commerce would connect with Krongold Law, as Krongold has helped plenty of companies in Orange County and the surrounding area to get the money they’re owed from broken and breached contracts.

A Part of the Community

Krongold Law business litigation lawyers in Orange County love being a part of Orange County. It’s a large county that also feels like a tight knit community. The Chamber of Commerce is just one of the many organizations in the area that Krongold Law considers allies in helping businesses to succeed. To learn how they can help yours, head to the Krongold Law site or call them at (949)651-1900. These business litigation attorneys are ready to help.

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