A Business Attorney in Irvine Who Stands Up for You

A Business Attorney in Irvine Who Stands Up for You


Business disputes are an unfortunate but necessary part of doing business. You work very hard to make your business as great as it can be. You put in a lot of hours, dedication and hard work. Just via the process of doing that, there are going to be disputes. Sometimes these disputes are between businesses and their owners, sometimes they’re between businesses, and sometimes between other parties – but these disputes will arise. When they do, you should have a business attorney in Irvine with experience winning them, like Steven L. Krongold at Krongold Law.

Business Attorney in Irvine: More than Just Lawsuits

When people think of a “business attorney in Irvine,” they usually tend to think of an attorney who files lawsuits on behalf of a company. That can happen, but here at Krongold Law, we think of filing a lawsuit as the option of last resort in a business dispute. A lawsuit should only be filed after every other avenue to reaching resolution has been ruled out. So, while we have plenty of trial and experience and represent you in court, we can also represent you in other ways that could preclude a lawsuit.

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ADR Business Litigation Attorney

“ADR” stands for “Alternative Dispute Resolution.” That’s exactly what it is: it’s an alternative to just filing a lawsuit. Instead of having to go through all the aggravation, expense, and more of a lawsuit, ADR gets the job done very quickly. You meet with an experienced former Judge or private attorney to resolve your case through mediation. This is just one of the many services we offer which can help you to get a satisfactory conclusion to your business dispute that favors you.

Arbitration Attorneys

ADR also stand for arbitration. You can think of arbitration like it was a less formal version of a court trial, but it can be binding or non-binding, depending on the agreement. In fact, it might be more final than a court trial, as arbitration can’t generally be reviewed for errors of law or fact (except with some very few exceptions). Fortunately, a business attorney in Irvine from Krongold Law will have plenty of experience with this kind of dispute resolution. They can put that experience to work for you. With a proven track record of know what works in arbitration, they can custom tailor a plan to your exact case to work towards getting you exactly what you want.

Business Lawyer Services

Krongold Law offers a wide array of business litigation services. Whether you’ve been defamed, a contract has been breached, a copyright has been violated, or any of dozens of other business disputes, we can be right by your side to help you get what you deserve. We can sit down with you to go over your case, and figure out the best way to move forward. Then, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Schedule a consultation by going to our website or calling us at (949)651-1900 to get a business attorney in Irvine on your side.

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